Another blog about graduating?

If you read my previous blog, “#seniorproblems”, then you probably already know how I felt about college. I loved it and I tried very hard to avoid graduating (minus failing… June would have been pissed). I loved my friends, my job, my classes, my apartment, my school, the Chipotle down the street, and pretty much everything else about BU. But the time came for me to move on, although I did not do it willingly. This blog will likely be similar to my first. The writing style will certainly be the same, mostly because I haven’t changed much and I’m still sassy. It will be similar in the sense that I will often reflect with nostalgia upon my awesome collegiate career. But most importantly, this blog will attempt to chronicle my attempts to become a real person. I use the term “real person” not because I believe that I have been a “fake person” for 22 years. I simply use “real person” to describe my newly acquired lifestyle as an adult who goes to work Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. I pay bills and I pay rent (in my own home, yes…). I go to bed super early because I have to be up super early. I cannot wear sweatpants and a backwards hat to work. The best part of my day is when I get to watch Netflix. Weekends are Saturday and Sunday and my “Sunday Fundays” are likely over (with the exception of long weekends). I am now an adult, a real one. And this blog will simply follow me as I try to assimilate into this new and weird world. Come on this journey with me, or don’t. Totally up to you. But I do promise that the anecdotes about my new life will be entertaining because I get myself into some really awkward shit. On that note, it’s 8:31 and it’s time to pick out my outfit, make my lunch and get ready to snuggle in my bed with my iPad and enjoy an episode of Parks and Rec. Later, dater.