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Falling In Love With The Past: I’m Still Thinking About You

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I keep wanting to write about him, but deciding not to. Instead, I find a movie to distract myself with. I’ll make an OkCupid profile and then immediately delete it because someone messages me: “Would a nice Jewish girl like a sugar daddy?” I want to call him and tell him because I know we’d laugh until our sides beg for forgiveness.

I’ll text a friend.

I’ll call my mom and she’ll ask how I am. She’ll ask innocuous questions and my answers will go places I don’t expect.

“I think about him a lot lately.”

She reminds me it’s been a long time and things happen the way they do. Not always for a reason, but they happen, nonetheless. Dwelling makes us sick. Idolizing the past is a recipe for current unhappiness.

“I miss him too, you know,” she says, her voice softened.

The thing is, you can…

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27 “Unladylike” Things That Women Absolutely Love Doing


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Golden Globe Awards Golden Globe Awards

1. Not shaving our legs. Bless you, winter.

2. Going to bed with our makeup on and then wearing it the next day as second-day makeup.

3. Sitting in an “unladylike” position – aka anything where we’re not sitting up perfectly straight with our ankles crossed.

4. Belching.

5. Continuing to belch after brothers and friends and boyfriends tell us how disgusting it is.

6. Being honest about the number of pizza slices we’ll actually eat when there’s a group order (3-4).

7. Cursing our body’s need for a uterus. Or cursing in general.

8. Taking no prisoners while ferociously eating a burrito at Chipotle.

9. Singing and/or rapping every word to Missy Elliot’s “Work It.” Except that one part in the middle that sounds like “ifbirdflippingintheMyansyet.”

10. Not showering the second we get back from the gym, if we even go.

11. Laughing when someone says…

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17 Hilarious Aziz Ansari Quotes About Modern Romance That Will Actually Make You Think

Aziz my dating guru… you’ve done it again

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Modern RomanceModern Romance

1. “I see people my age…getting married to people they’ve known for like a year and a half. A year and a half? Is that enough time to get to know someone to know you want to spend the REST of your life with them? I’ve had sweaters for a year and a half and I was like ‘What the fuck was I doing with this sweater?’”

2. “You can’t call anybody anymore. If you call someone, they be like: ‘What? Are you on fire? Then quit wasting my time, text me that shit.’”
3. “When you hear a Flo Rida song at first you’re like, ‘What is this, Flo Rida? It’s the same thing you’ve always done. I’m not listening to this song.’ And then you keep hearing it and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, Flo Rida. You’ve done it again! This is a hit, baby!’ And…

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