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Can I Still Hang?

This past weekend was alumni weekend for BUWIH (BU Women’s Ice Hockey). It was also the weekend of Marathon Monday. And one of my best friends from college was in town. And so were a number of our friends from college. So I took this as an opportunity to prove to myself that I still have it.

What is “it”, you may ask? I just wanted to know that I could still hang. I wanted to know if these people were still my Ride or Die squad when it comes to debaucherous activity, particularly at T’s Pub.

Saturday started early. Like, 5:30 a.m. early.  We were running the BAA 5K (a race held the weekend of the Boston Marathon that allows people like myself to feel involved in the festivities without having to run 26.2 miles) and it began at 8 a.m. in Boston Common. I take blame for this. As per usual, I got a little ambitious and convinced my friend to run the race with me. My Dad and I have done it before… it’s not that bad… sucker. So the race was a thing and it went and I finished.

Stop # 2: BRUNCH. I’ll post about my feelings on Brunch a little later but let’s just say, my third memoir will be titled “Bitches Who Brunch.” I’m talking Bloody Mary bar. Wait… you’re going to give me a glass with any vodka in it that I want and then let me craft my own wonderful brunch treat from your display of Bloody Mary staples? Sign me up. Also, corned beef hash eggs Benedict. Stop. I can’t.

Next stop was the rink. It was game time; however, I didn’t play. I played in the alumni game last year. Please note that I never played college hockey. I didn’t even play high school hockey very well and I certainly never played in the Olympics. So I played last year after being harassed by some “friends”. I feel like that level of humiliation is special and if shared too often, won’t mean as much. So I opted out this year. But no worries, everyone. Bench beers with my adopted little brother were had.

Stop # 4: T’s Pub. Oh T’s. You were the best of times, and often the worst of times. But I love you nonetheless and despite my better judgment. This is the part where Terriers past and present (if legal of course) reunite for stories of difficult practices, tough losses, unbelievable wins, long bus rides, hilarious pregame meals, memorable team bonding and of course, coach anecdotes. As I mentioned, I never played. I did manage the team though. So I was at many of these practices, experienced the highs of winning and the lows of losing, sat through long bus rides, enjoyed delicious team meals and had enough chats with coach to add a few tales to the list. Old friends reunite. New friendships are formed. Memories are made and subsequently lost. And more than likely, the bar staff runs out of pitchers. It’s an incredible opportunity to the day and night with people who you used to see every single day. It’s also wonderful and bittersweet to welcome a new class to the alumni group each year.

If you survive this relatively unscathed, I think you can still hang.

Fast forward to Monday. Marathon Monday is the best day. It’s tied for my favorite day in Boston with the Beanpot. I just can’t explain why I love this day without getting all emotional. I think running a marathon is so admirable. I don’t even want to do it, but I think it is so inspiring to see people out there and doing the damn thing. It takes so much commitment and time and heart. SO MUCH HEART. It’s also a huge day for colleges in the area. College kids wake up at 7, start drinking, and eventually (hopefully?) make their way to the route to watch. It’s just a good time. Add what happened two years ago to the mix and it has evolved into a day for Boston to celebrate, rejoice and enjoy each other. It’s a rallying point for this city and for its people. There is nothing like watching the Boston Marathon. This year, my best friend’s mom was running and that was amazing. Seeing her run and accomplish that ultimate goal was incredible. I can’t say enough how proud I am.

By the end of the weekend, I had come to the conclusion that yes, I can still hang. Should I? Maybe not. Was I exhausted and was my body rejecting all of the horrible things I had done to it? Yes. But more than that, alumni weekend/Marathon weekend is an opportunity to connect with old friends once a year and reminisce about days long passed. Life gets busy and we forget to call or text. We miss birthdays and anniversaries. We say “tomorrow, I’ll call them,” and we never do. So I welcome any chance I get to spend time with the people who convinced me a tattoo during Senior Week was a good idea, that you don’t need to cook a hot pocket completely, and that long bus rides with your team might be the best days of your college life.